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That reduced number of internal HR tickets by 70%
A European recruiting company sought help to optimize their knowledge base and implement 24/7 support service to address repetitive HR queries and equipment issues, speeding up response times. We built an intelligent Slack chatbot trained on internal data to assist with HR questions, reducing HR tickets by 70%.


Our Task

Our solution yielded impressive outcomes. The number of internal HR tickets reduced by 70%, demonstrating the chatbot's effectiveness in resolving queries efficiently. Furthermore, the chatbot's real-time capabilities provided immediate responses, eliminating the previous two-day wait time for ticket processing and enhancing overall user satisfaction.
A European recruiting company sought our expertise to optimize their knowledge base and implement a 24/7 support service for their employees. They faced a significant number of repetitive queries related to internal policies and equipment renewal, causing delays in addressing these issues. The objective was to devise a solution that streamlines new hire onboarding and efficiently addresses employee HR inquiries.


After conducting thorough research and understanding the company's business processes, we proposed building an intelligent chatbot trained on the company's internal data to assist with HR-related questions.

Our approach involved processing over 500 pages of the internal knowledge base to enable the chatbot to not only search through documents but also generate responses from multiple sources. The chatbot was designed to comprehend human speech and provide natural-sounding replies, akin to interacting with a real human. To maximize user familiarity and convenience, we integrated the chatbot into the Slack platform, enabling employees to engage with it using a familiar UI.
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